Of Roman origins, it was restlessly ransacked, and during IX century, it proclaimed itself Indipendent Maritime Republic, giving its mariners the maritime code: “Tabula de Amalpha” (Amalfi tables).

There are several patrol towers alongside the coast, which witness the most powerful and flourishing time of the city, when Amalfi used to trade with the East, importing fabrics and    spieces and exporting its famous handmade paper. This precious paper is still produced in town, and visiting the Paper Museum www.museodellacarta.it, you will experience a real journey in an ancient paper mill.

The wonderful Cathedral of Saint Andrew is by far the most important monument of the Amalfi Coast, and it deserves an accurate visit.



Useful link: http://www.comune.amalfi.sa.it     www.amalfitouristoffice.it